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Every thing about Dan Helmer in just one guide

His bill was a reflection of his confidence in the dignity of work and the demand for a living wage that enables individuals to help themselves and their families. “No only one that works full-time need to exist in poverty,” Helmer asserted. Will you be updating this page if/when Dan releases other plans or perhaps statements, like an environment plan? If you visualize other questions you would want us to question him which aren’t listed here, send them to us at

If and when Dan emits a lot more info, we are going to update this page. Precisely how will Dan Helmer balance the interests of military communities with the environment? This audit will determine what, if any, negative impact these war games have on the local society, including people’s water supplies and the nearby marine life. This review is essential in finding options that don’t hurt the planet but continue to be effective. In November 2024, Dan called for the Department of Defense to perform an environmental audit of current and future knowledge and war games on property that is private owned by the Army Corps of Engineers.

Where does Dan Helmer stand on gun violence? Dan feels we have to get rid of military-style weapons such assault rifles in the civilian market place and ban high capacity magazines. He believes in universal background checks. Also, he feels the federal government should help support mental health professionals with additional financial support to better serve individuals who need it. The VA health system continues to provide the services plus care that veterans came to depend on since they entered military service.

It’s also quite important for VA to continue to improve its care, make care far more convenient, and offer quality care at reasonable prices. For example, it’s important for VA to develop policies to prevent suicide, prevent addiction to prescription pain medications, provide mental health services, as well as produce medical care. I am dedicated to supporting the VA health system carry on and be able to meet up with the demands of veterans and the families of theirs. What exactly are several of the key applies to you’re addressing for Virginia’s veterans?

Other important factors include ensuring which veterans receive pay as well as benefits for their service that’s commensurate with their sacrifice. On March four, 2024, he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross by the President of the United States, President Bush, for his outstanding service as a new member of the House of Representatives. In recognition of the success of his, he was also awarded the Distinguished Service Cross by the President of the United States, President Obama.

This award is the top honor which could be granted by the Congress and was given to him in 20.